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Care Management Technology

Our service begins with an assessment by one of our Care Managers. During that visit, we learn more about you, your support system, and your medical experience. We listen and address the challenges and concerns you face daily, including treatments, side effects, and insurance questions.

We identify the things that are most important to you, then go a step further to look for the other things we can possibly help you do. All of these items feed into your Narus Health care plan and, in collaboration with your doctor, we assist to maintain a care plan that works for both your health and your life.

From the beginning, you have a dedicated care manager and personal care team. We work with you, your caregivers, and your doctors by providing expert care, access to our Patient Support Center, symptom assessments, and overall care coordination.

And through the use of our specialized technology, including COMPASSION and MPOWER, you and your support network have continuous connectivity to your care team and care plan. Imagine having real-time medical documents and information with you no matter where you are. Now imagine your doctors having the same. With your partnership, we can and we do.


What is Compassion™? In a nutshell, it’s the engine in our car. And like most things at Narus Health, there’s a story in this answer. Back when we created the idea for our organization, we thought long and hard about what it would take to meet the needs of our 'clients'. We needed good people. Really good people. So, we got them. But that was only part of what we needed to provide personal, but structured, care. We needed strong technology.

We set out to find it. Turns out, it just didn’t exist. At least, not to do what we needed it to do. Therefore, we built it. And, for many reasons, named it Compassion™.

What Makes It So Special?

A lot of things, actually. First off, it was designed from the ground up by clinicians. That means it speaks a language clinicians understand, in a way that makes sense to them. Plus, it’s enjoyable to work with.

That’s something you don’t often hear about health care systems and EMRs. COMPASSION™ was designed to support patient care whether delivered in the home, by phone, through video encounters, and now through our integrated mobile app for patients and families, MPOWER™.

More importantly, COMPASSION makes caring for a person far more effective than other electronic systems. It has to do with the way COMPASSION organizes a care plan. Any items we are helping the patient with are structured in a way that makes sense to everyone involved.

Additionally, COMPASSION learns over time, making future care more and more efficient and effective. What does that mean for the patient? Quicker results. What does it mean for the clinician?

Usable Data

Don’t get us wrong, nothing can replace our staff. And no matter when you call us (and by 'you' we mean the patient, caregiver, doctor, etc.), you will be speaking directly to our staff, not our technology. But the better we make life for our staff, and the more meaningful we make our data, the better the care we provide to our patients.


What is MPOWER? It’s our cleverly named mobile app that we think you’re going to love. Let us explain. While we designed and built COMPASSION for our staff to use, we knew patients wanted a more powerful means of connecting with us.

The way we figured it, if people can shop, pay bills, check the weather, read the news, and order pizza with their smartphone, why in the world can’t they use it to connect with their health care team? So, we talked with patients about what they would like in a mobile app. They told us. We built it.


Understand, you don’t have to use the app to receive our full scope of services. We always encourage you to just pick up the phone and call. But, if you like using smartphone apps to communicate, you will find MPOWER to be a very useful tool.

If you choose to use MPOWER, we will set it up on your phone during enrollment. You can grant permission for any of your caregivers to use MPOWER on their smartphones too (we will explain this in detail during your enrollment call). And for everyone using it, MPOWER is a communication tool. It’s always on.

What Can you do with MPOWER?

Track Symptoms

Record key symptoms daily to better track your illness over time.

Share Care Plans

Review and share your care plan with your care team via email.

Secure Messaging

Have secure text conversations with your care team.

Manage Preferences

See all your medications.

Share Documents

View and share important medical documents of your choosing.

Oh, and the other nice thing about using MPOWER is we, Narus Health, upload all of this information for you. It’s part of the reason we designed MPOWER to communicate with COMPASSION. And when we make changes to your care plan, documents, or anything else, it immediately gets pushed to your phone. It’s just one of the ways we try to make things a bit easier for you.