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Personalized Care

With the increasing demand to meet the needs of patients facing serious illness, health plans recognize the importance and value of delivering a personalized care program. A new imperative, a patient-centered approach to care, placing the patient's and family’s needs first. While simple in concept, delivering quality care requires a unique and expert approach. Narus Health is the right team to help you meet that need.

Patient Identification and Engagement

Using pre-authorization data, emergency department, hospital admissions and medical claims data, our technology uses a proprietary set of case selection “rules” (vetted by you) to ensure that the most appropriate patients are identified for enrollment. Once enrolled, our Health Care Team engages each patient to explain our service and schedules an initial visit with one of our Nurse Care Managers.

Patient Assessment

The Narus Health Care Team will complete a personal assessment of the patient, structured around our Care Domains. These Care Domains are qualitative drivers of the patient's overall engagement. The assessment process is ongoing and delivers real-time patient information and insights to physicians and everyone involved in care coordination.

Clinical Care Team

The cornerstone of our personalized care management solution is the Narus Health Care Team. Our team is staffed with experienced RNs who are trained and tested on the latest care and case management. From the moment of enrollment all patients, their families, and caregivers have continuous access to their Nurse Care Manager through our mobile tool and Patient Support Center.