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Palliative Care

Every patient's journey is unique

Let’s face it. Serious illness isn’t fair. And whether you’re the patient or the caregiver, few things are more challenging and frustrating than navigating the health care system. Regardless of the illness, there are usually several common obstacles everyone shares. Days are filled with a whirlwind of doctors, tests, appointments, unfamiliar words, and tough choices. Some things are paid for, others are not. Plans get postponed while waiting for insurance approval. And all the while, unwanted symptoms and medication side effects feel inescapable. Simply put: it’s exhausting.

Patients deserve to understand their treatments, medications, and options. They deserve helpful, unbiased advice on difficult decisions. They deserve to have their goals known and recorded. They deserve to have their voices heard. So Narus Health is doing something about it. We are partnering with you.

Your focus should be on living, not logistics. You deserve a helpful partner. Narus Health is that partner.

Once you decide you want Narus Health working for you, we give you a dedicated team and begin work to make your situation better. You can use our service as often as you want. We set up routine times to touch base with you, check on how things are going, and see if there’s anything you need from us. In between those appointments, we are here to respond to any new issues that may pop up. Whether you contact us by phone, mobile app, or video, we are always here, day and night. And if we don’t know the answer to something, we will get it.

What do patients get?
  • Access to care managers, nurses, social workers, and physicians
  • Always-on access to your care team
    (via secure text messaging, video conference, or telephone)
  • A personalized care plan that is always accessible to you
  • Help in coordinating care with your doctors and treatments
    (appointments, medical equipment, etc.)
  • A centralized collection of important healthcare
How do we help your family and doctors?
  • Assistance with coordinating your care needs
  • Self-care resource to guard against caregiver fatigue and stress
  • Education and understanding on treatments, medications, etc.
  • Meaningful reports of your care plan prior to your doctor visits (for more productive visits)
  • Assistance in carrying out your doctors recommended treatments once you leave the office
  • Help with making smooth transfers of care between other doctors caring for you or between different medical settings, such as a hospital stay or rehabilitation center